April 17, 2021

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Help > After Domain Name Registration

• I just did a WHOIS lookup on my new domain name and it says there is no match (still available)?
The WHOIS database of the registries usually gets updated once a day. Your domain name information will not show up until the WHOIS database is updated. Please wait 24hrs before doing a WHOIS search on your newly registered domain name.

• I don't have a website yet. What will people see if they type in my newly registered domain name?
When someone tries to access you site by typing your domain name in a browser, they will see an undercontruction page. This is what they will see until you find a hosting company and publish your site.  .

• How do I connect my new domain name to my existing website?
There are two ways to do this:

The first is by using DomainProcessor's Free URL forwarding service.  It will point your domain name, for example, www.mydomainname.com to your existing site at a hosting provider, for example, www.geocities.com/lot2/38423/myweb. Login to your Account Manager to activate URL forwarding.

The second way is to modify the DNS information of your domain name at Account Manager.  You will need to ask your hosting company to provide the primary and secondary DNS information.   

• Where do I go to manage my domain name?
To manage your domain name registered through DomainProcessor, login to your Account Manager

• My web hosting company is asking me to transfer my domain name to their DNS server. What does that mean?
It simply means that you need to modify the domain name server (DNS) associated with your domain name. Login to your Account Manager and enter the new DNS information provided by your hosting company.

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